Small change. Big impact. Significant ROI.

The BIOPLUS® YC probiotic product supports nutrient availability
and other normal GI functions in grower-finishers. They can be a  
natural, safe and sustainable part of your solution.



average daily gain



+30 Kcals

of energy released from feed

*Based on average results from meta analysis. Performance may vary according to local conditions.

BIOPLUS® YC probiotic product have a well-researched and documented ability to produce digestive enzymes (e.g. xylanase) – the activities of which increase the availability of absorbable nutrients and thereby improve performance.

Daily feeding of BIOPLUS® YC probiotic product in a standard diet has been demonstrated to increase average daily gain by 3.0% and feed conversion by 3.2%.

Grower-finisher production is a heavy job in terms of time and inputs. Limiting ammonia emissions from manure is key to improving the environment – for both pigs and people.

BioPlus® YC

BIOPLUS® YC contains highly-selected, naturally-occurring strains of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis. Daily feeding of BIOPLUS® YC promotes stability of the digestive tract, increases availability of nutrients, and reduces pathogen load. 

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