We know spoilage isn't helping you or your client's business.

Our SILOSOLVE® bacterial inoculants rapidly establish an anaerobic
environment, preventing spoilage and lowering production costs.
Chr. Hansen is a natural part of the solution.



needed to remove spoiled top layer


dry matter recovery

↓ Yeast and mold

in corn silage

*Based on average results from meta analysis. Performance may vary according to local conditions.

Top layer spoilage is a result of diffusion of oxygen through the cover along with insufficient compaction. The growth of undesirable spoilage microorganisms may also lead to production of mycotoxins. The result is extra work to remove the spoiled top layer and problems with stability at feed out.

SILOSOLVE® OS protects the top layer

SILOSOLVE® OS is a powerful silage inoculant that is known for its superior oxygen scavenging ability. The novel combination of bacteria ensures rapid reduction in pH of the top layer, which enhances the effectiveness of sodium benzoate as a preservative. Together with sodium benzoate, the bacteria inhibit growth of yeast and mold and promote fermentation.

SiloSolve® OS

SILOSOLVE® OS is a powerful silage inoculant that combines the effects of rigorously selected, proven lactic acid bacterial strains with a unique strain, Lactococcus lactis O224, known for its superior oxygen scavenging ability.

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