Producing more safe food than today is the challenge...

Committed to food and health, our microbial solutions enable
producers to meet the demand for high-quality and sustainable  
animal-protein-based products that promote safety and support
efficiency in every part of the production process. Chr. Hansen
products are a natural part of the solution.



balanced, normal bacterial load in the gut


laying rate (25-35 weeks of age)


laying rate(69-89 weeks of age)

*Based on average results from meta analysis. Performance may vary according to local conditions.

When it comes to poultry health and performance, little things make a big difference. Microscopic things, to be precise. Good health starts in the gut, and gut health depends on a well-balanced microbiome. 

Our science-based probiotics for layers have been shown to promote normal intestinal function, while limiting the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. By increasing digestive enzyme production, they also enhance the availability and absorption of feed nutrients. 

Stable digestive function and a responsive immune system provide a strong foundation for more eggs per hen house.

Strains matter

Probiotics are identified at three levels: Genus, species and strain, where the strains have different capabilities and benefits that are selected and combined to solve the microbial challenges in modern poultry production. 

Chr. Hansen probiotics contain unique, strains of bacteria. They were selected for their relative effectiveness at demonstrating beneficial modes of action, making them particularly suitable for improving the success of commercial poultry operations.

GALLIPRO® for Layers

GALLIPRO® contains a highly selected strain of Bacillus subtilis that has been proven to improve the availability and absorption of nutrients from feed. 

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