Don't like inconsistent results? Probiotics can help.

From hatch to harvest, GALLIPRO® brand probiotic products support
normal GI functions and the balance of gut microflora in poultry. They  
can be a natural, safe and sustainable part of your solution.


↑Crude protein



of energy

↑Body weight

*In research trials with a challenging environment, a greater percentage of broilers fed a diet that contained a GALLIPRO-brand product performed normally and, as a result, the following improvements in average performance were observed.

When it comes to poultry health and performance, little things make a big difference. Microscopic things, to be precise. Good health starts in the gut, and gut health depends on a well-balanced microbiome.

Our science-based probiotics for broilers have been shown to promote healthy intestinal function, while limiting the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. By increasing digestive enzyme production, they also enhance the availability and absorption of feed nutrients.

Broilers need a healthy digestive system to absorb nutrients and convert feedstuffs efficiently. Feeding GALLIPRO® FIT daily to broilers supports normal GI stability and function.


We've combined three of our strongest, most highly-selected and tested bacterial strains to bring you one product that fits your desire to improve the performance of your chicks.

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