Get in early and stay there.

GALLIPRO® HATCH enables producers to populate the development  
of the digestive system of chicks and poults with probiotic bacteria
prior to or immediately after hatch. What a great way to get a jump
start on normal, healthy performance.



of the digestive tract at hatch


for in ovo in combination with Marek Vaccine


balanced, normal bacterial load in the gut

Studies confirm the benefits of probiotics at all stages of broiler production — from hatch, when birds are most vulnerable, to market, when they are most valuable. 

Probiotics are identified at three levels: Genus, species and strain, where the strains have different capabilities and benefits that are selected and combined to solve the microbial challenges in modern poultry production. 

Chr. Hansen probiotics contain unique, strains of bacteria. They were selected for their relative effectiveness at demonstrating beneficial modes of action, making them particularly suitable for improving the success of commercial poultry operations.

Studies show that in ovo feeding of GALLIPRO® HATCH may help chicks get a healthier start in life, without affecting hatchability. GALLIPRO® HATCH is one of the newest addition to our product portfolio and our first product formulated for in ovo feeding. Based on a unique strain of Enterococcus faecium, GALLIPRO® HATCH has been shown to be consumed by the developing embryo and to colonize the developing gut before hatch.


GALLIPRO® Hatch contains a highly-selected strain of Enterococcus faecium that moves rapidly from the site of injection into the developing gut to ensure the establishment of a healthy microbiome.

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