Supporting efficient milk production isn't a bad place to start

BOVAMINE® brand probiotic products support normal GI functions in
dairy cattle. They can be a natural, safe and sustainable part of your  



increase in efficiency of milk production


average efficiency of energy-corrected milk production (EEMP)


conversion of feedstuffs into energy

*In research trials, a greater percentage of animals fed a diet that contained a BOVAMINE® brand product performed normally and, as a result, the following improvements in average performance were observed.

Increase efficiency of milk production

A healthy immune system and digestive function provide the foundation for a profitable dairy cow. GI stability is critical to supporting the cow’s health through the metabolic changes of pregnancy, birth and lactation.
Feeding BOVAMINE® DAIRY as part of a dairy cow nutrition program has been proven to support normal GI function and stability.

Support normal function in the rumen and lower GI tract

BOVAMINE® DAIRY supports the maintenance of a stable, properly-functioning GI tract in dairy cows and therefore reduces the risk of fluctuations in feed intake and productivity during times of inconsistent diets or environments.
Daily feeding of BOVAMINE® DAIRY introduces an effective concentration of live bacteria into the rumen where it increases the production of volatile fatty acids, the main source of energy for dairy cattle.


BOVAMINE® Dairy Brand probiotics are designed to be added daily to the diet of dairy animals of all ages and stages of lactation, including dry cows.

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