Invest in probiotics for the future of your cows.

BOVAMINE® brand probiotic products support normal GI functions in
dairy cattle. They can be a natural, safe and sustainable part of your  


Supports the development of a normal gastrointestinal functions in calfs

Feeding probiotics to calves delivers benefits for the calves and calf raisers from the start. BOVAMINE® DAIRY Milk Replacer Supplement and BOVAMINE® DAIRY Calf and Heifer products introduce beneficial bacteria to the digestive tract to establish normal function and to reduce the presence of potentially harmful bacteria.

BOVAMINE® DAIRY supports the development of heifers

The probiotic actions of BOVAMINE® DAIRY Calf and Heifer support normal GI function, that is vital during this stage of development. Feeding BOVAMINE® DAIRY Calf and Heifer enables heifers to better convert feedstuffs into usable nutrients and energy that are important to growth, feed efficiency and preparing to transition to lactation – making it an effective management tool in a successful dairy heifer nutrition program.

BOVAMINE® Dairy - Calf & Heifer

The sequential use of our BOVAMINE® DAIRY products for pre-weaned calves and young, growing heifers increases the likelihood of future success of your replacements.

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