Not all bacteria are bad.

BOVAMINE® brand probiotic products support normal GI functions
and the balance of gut microflora in beef cattle. They can be a natural,  
safe and sustainable part of your solution.



shedding of salmonella in manure


shedding of E. coli O157:H7 in manure


reduction in concentration of pathogenic organisms

*In research trials, a greater percentage of animals fed a diet that contained a BOVAMINE-brand product performed normally, and as a result, the following reductions in shedding of potentially pathogenic organisms were observed.

Achieve strong rate of gain, feed conversion and economic return 

Confined feeding operations present new challenges as calves are grouped, start new rations and increase feed consumption. Providing diets that contain an effective probiotic, like BOVAMINE® DEFEND, improves the likelihood of success of every lot of cattle.

Our probiotics are the most widely used and thoroughly researched in the feedlot industry. A BOVAMINE® product is fed to 85% of all feedlot cattle that receive a probiotic in the U.S.

BOVAMINE® DEFEND — To support normal GI structure and functions

Daily feeding of BOVAMINE® DEFEND supports the maintenance of a healthy gut microbiome. As the percentage of animals with normal, healthy GI tracts increases, so does average performance of the group. Likewise, the prevalence of shedders and concentration of pathogens being shed by those animals should decrease.

Feeding BOVAMINE® products enables producers to proactively and positively influence the digestive health of their cattle, and as an indirect consequence, improve pre-harvest feed safety.

The unique, highly-selected strains in our products are compatible with a wide range of feed supplements. Browse our Probiotic solutions for more information on our Bovamine® range of probiotics.

BOVAMINE® Brand probiotics for finishing operations 

Daily feeding of BOVAMINE® brand probiotics to finishing cattle supports normal digestive function and GI stability during the transition to a high-concentration finishing diet. The use of BOVAMINE® and BOVAMINE® DEFEND probiotics help cattle get the most out of their feed for strong close outs to maximize your economic return. Probiotics for finishing cattle include BOVAMINE®, and BOVAMINE® DEFEND in the original and new shelf stable formulation that deliver beneficial bacteria into their daily rations. BOVAMINE® and BOVAMINE® DEFEND original products are mixed daily into the diet on site. The BOVAMINE® DEFEND shelf stable formulation is blended into supplements or blends at a feed mill or manufacturer, and eliminates the need for onsite mixing for additional convenience.


A science-based, research-proven probiotic for beef cattle. 

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