Not all bacteria are bad.

BOVAMINE® brand probiotic products support normal GI functions
and the balance of gut microflora in stocker cattle. They can be a  
natural, safe and sustainable part of your solution.



reduction in concentration of pathogenic organisms


shedding of salmonella in manure


shedding of E. coli O157:H7 in manure

*In research trials, a greater percentage of animals fed a diet that contained a BOVAMINE-brand product performed normally, and as a result, the following reductions in shedding of potentially pathogenic organisms were observed.

Manage nutritional challenges for stocker cattle with BOVAMINE® DEFEND

The stress of weaning, hauling and new feedstuffs can increase the risk of harmful bacteria in the GI tract of calves that can impact calf health, feed intake and productivity. 
BOVAMINE® DEFEND helps stocker operations establish and support normal microbial populations within the digestive tract, while limiting the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

Providing multiple benefits for stocker cattle.

Daily feeding of BOVAMINE® DEFEND supports normal intestinal integrity and function which contributes to consistent feed intake. Healthier stocker calves utilize pasture, forage and feed more efficiently. Consequently, calves will perform more efficiently, have more consistent feed intake, and maximize the producers’ profit potential.

Adding BOVAMINE® DEFEND to your operation

BOVAMINE® DEFEND is available in a shelf stable formulation that is blended at a feed mill or manufacturer into your existing rations and supplements. It’s delivered ready to use to your operation – making it convenient for operations of all types and sizes. The shelf stable BOVAMINE® DEFEND delivers a proven dose of beneficial bacteria for daily feeding.


A science-based, research-proven probiotic for beef cattle. 

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