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BIOPLUS® YC, Weaned piglets


BIOPLUS® YC contains highly-selected, natural strains of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis. Daily feeding of BIOPLUS® YC promotes stability of the microflora in the gut, increases availability of nutrients, and reduces pathogen load. The overall benefit is increased gut health and better absorption of nutrients, leading to improved feed conversion, weight gain and lower post weaning mortality.

Weaning is a stress full period in a pig’s life. Feed changes from being milk based to consist of pelleted or mash feed. This dietary change causes stress and one of the main consequences is low feed-intake and an upset microbial balance in the gut. This leads to a depressed performance. 

Secures Feed Intake

When supplemented to nursery feed BIOPLUS® YC has demonstrated to significantly increase feed intake. 

BIOPLUS YC Weaned piglets graph

Improve Average Daily Gain and Feed Conversion Rate

BIOPLUS® YC has proven to stabilize the gut during weaning and under stressful conditions in general. This way, BIOPLUS® YC reduces the negative impact of weaning, enhance the nursery production and promote high performance in terms of improved average daily weight gain and feed conversion rate in the nursery. In addition to this BIOPLUS® YC has shown to also improve vitality in the nursery.

BIOPLUS YC Weaned piglets graph
BIOPLUS YC Weaned piglets graph

A stressed pig is susceptible for harmful growth of pathogens which can lead to an increased mortality rate. When fed to nursery pigs BIOPLUS® YC has shown to lower mortality. BIOPLUS® YC has also proven to improve fecal scores which is due to the positive modulation of the micro flora in the gut.

BIOPLUS YC Weaned piglets graph

BIOPLUS® YC works together with high levels of zinc oxide

Throughout Europe zinc oxide is used in high doses (<3000 ppm) as a therapeutic treatment to prevent post weaning diarrhea. Zinc oxide is added to the feed, and results have shown that when BIOPLUS® YC is supplemented to such diets a positive effect of average daily gain and feed conversion rate is found.

BIOPLUS YC Weaned piglets graph

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