Flock of sucking piglets

BIOPLUS® YC, Sows and Piglets


BIOPLUS® YC contains highly-selected, naturally-occurring strains of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis. Daily feeding of BIOPLUS® YC promotes stability of the digestive tract, increases availability of nutrients, and reduces pathogen load. The overall benefits of improved feed conversion ensure optimal body score at the end of lactation and more livable piglets.

Improves sow reproduction

A low number of non-productive days is the main characteristic of a high performing sow. To achieve this goal it is important that sows have an early, clear heat after piglets are weaned and a successful first service. Low weight loss during lactation and an optimum body score at the end of lactation are the key objectives. Applying BIOPLUS® YC to sow diets have shown to reduce weight loss, the number of non-productive days and significantly reduce wean-to-oestrus interval.

BIOPLUS YC Sows and piglets graph
BIOPLUS YC Sows and piglets graph

Pre-weaning diarrhoea

One of the challenges among suckling piglets is diarrhoea during the first week after birth. BIOPLUS® YC has shown to significantly improve faecal scores during this period.

Reduces pre-weaning mortality 

The profitability of sow units is highly dependant not only on reproductive performance of the sows but also the vitality of the piglets. Improving pre-weaning performance will also have a positive effect on the post weaning performance. BIOPLUS® YC reduces pre-weaning mortality by an average of 3.2% points when applied to sow diets. This increases the number of weaned piglets per sow per year by approximately one pig.

BIOPLUS YC Sows and piglets graph

Enhances weaning weight

Weaning is a stressfull period and can often lead to anorexia among the piglets. This leaves the gut more susceptible to a harmful pathogenic load. However, by having a high weight at weaning enables the piglets to better overcome the challenges of weaning. Application of BIOPLUS® YC to sow diets has shown to enhance weaning weight of piglets by up to 460g per piglet.

BIOPLUS YC Sows and piglets graph

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