US SILOSOLVE® package offer

Get great insights and astonishing business value through our SILOSOLVE® inoculant & NUTRIENT SCORECARD™® package offer.

Right now, we are offering a free, professional evaluation of your silage with a minimum purchase of our silage inoculants. That’s a $3000 value.

It represents the first step in understanding exactly how we can boost the quality and nutritional value of your feed for your dairy cows.

Natural disasters don’t have to be business disasters.

Each drought or hail storm makes it clear how important it is to get as much nutrition and animal performance from silage as possible. But at Chr. Hansen, we don’t believe that natural disasters have to become business disasters.

You can protect the value of your silage, in all weather conditions, by using SILOSOLVE®, our effective silage inoculants. SILOSOLVE® is based on our extensive research into getting the best returns from silage. SILOSOLVE® inoculants are specifically and scientifically designed to ferment, stabilize, and protect silage – no matter what crop type.

SILOSOLVE® FC beats the heat, even at early opening

Most dairymen experience some silage heating at feed out. When silage is exposed to oxygen, yeast and mold proliferate. This causes the silage to heat and leads to dry matter loss and poor silage quality. Crops with high dry matter, like corn, are more prone to heat than others.

SILOSOLVE® FC prevents this from happening. It improves aerobic stability by reducing the growth of yeast and mold in a variety of crops.

Forages inoculated with SILOSOLVE® FC can be fed early. The unique combination of L. lactis and L. buchneri strains in SILOSOLVE® FC promotes rapid fermentation with enhanced aerobic stability – even after only 4 days of ensiling.  Laboratory studies prove, and field observations confirm the quality and palatability of SILOSOLVE® inoculated forages.

SILOSOLVE® MC increases milk production 2–5%

Silage with low dry matter content is also more susceptible to Clostridial fermentation. Growth of Clostridia leads to higher losses of dry matter and proteins. And it produces butyric acid. Butyric acid reduces silage quality and lowers palatability.

To solve these problems, SILOSOLVE® MC is especially formulated with three strains of lactic-acid bacteria. In fact, trials show an increase in milk production of 2–5%. That is a lot of business value for your operation.

This great offer is only valid until March 31, and requires a minimum purchase of SILOSOLVE® inoculants for 15,000 tons of feed.

So get in touch today: Please contact Lee Gore, and we’ll make sure you are contacted by a representative in your area.

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