Possible new strains for reducing diarrhea in piglets

October 2017

At The 6th Beneficial Microbes Conference in Amsterdam from 9th-11th October Chr. Hansen will present two new strains where early results show an effect on reducing diarrhea in piglets.

Weaning is a stressful period for piglets due to changes in diet composition, environmental and bacterial challenges. This contributes to a reduced feed intake and depressions in growth rate. The use of dietary probiotics could diminish these negative effects and enhance the piglets’ growth performance. 

Chr. Hansen Animal Health entered into a project with the Free University of Berlin to identify a solution. Bea Nielsen, Senior Team Leader at Chr. Hansen Animal Health Innovation, explains:

“The aim of this study is to examine the effect of feeding two probiotics containing different Bacillus strains on the health and performance of Escherichia coli challenged weaned piglets. Prior to the in vivo challenge trial both probiotic strains were tested in vitro in order to demonstrate the efficacy against pathogenic F4+ Escherichia coli.”

The 6th Beneficial Microbes conference in Amsterdam
The results of these early studies have been selected for presentation at the 6th Beneficial Microbes conference in Amsterdam from 9th-11th October. 
At the conference, Bea will present her Poster and these exciting developments. Bea has more than 10 years’ experience in Chr. Hansen Animal Health Innovation and has a PhD in Animal Production and an MSc in Agriculture.
Science-based, research-proven
With some 30,000 strains, Chr. Hansen has one of the largest commercial strain banks in the world. 
“We are continuously working with the strains in our library to identify strains with the right properties to address the things we focus on. In this case, I believe we have identified two new strains as potential strong candidates for reducing diarrhea in piglets,” concludes Bea. 



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