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Vision & strategy

Our vision is to enable the wider adoption of natural ingredients to address global challenges within food health and agriculture. By collaborating with customers and partners to innovate products and processes that meet and create future demand we want to deliver innovative natural solutions that advance food health, health and productivity for the benefit of us all.

Together, we deliver natural innovative solutions that address global challenges by advancing food, health, and productivity.



NATURE’S NO. 1™– Sustainably

At Chr. Hansen, our 3,000 employees are passionate about improving food and health, and it is this passion that drives our ambition to be no. 1 in everything we do. Nature’s no. 1™ is about using nature’s own resources to improve food and health, and we do that in a sustainable way. 81% of Chr. Hansen’s revenue contributes directly to the UN Global Goals. Therefore our strategy is called Nature’s no. 1 – Sustainably.

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Customer demands top of mind

From our long-lasting presence and commitment to the food industry, we know the importance of meeting consumer demands for healthy, safe, exciting - and convenient products and assisting our customers to meet their needs for innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

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