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Vision and strategy

Vision: To improve food & health

Our vision is to improve food and health. We work passionately every day for a future defined by natural ingredients and bioscience solutions, that help to address important global challenges within food, health and agriculture.

Every day Chr. Hansen’s ingredients are consumed by more than 1 billion people worldwide. Yet significant potential remains in the global population of 7 billion people. We wish to meet the continuously growing demand for tasty, healthy, natural, safe and affordable food and nutrition.

Cees de Jong

CEO, Chr. Hansen A/S

Strategy: NATURE’S NO. 1

We are working to comply with our NATURE’S NO. 1 strategy and to pursue growth opportunities in the current core businesses and within new microbial solutions.

Customer demands top of mind

From our long-lasting presence and commitment to the food industry, we know the importance of meeting consumer demands for healthy, safe, exciting - and convenient products and assisting our customers to meet their needs for innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

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