Ole Andersen


  • Born July 1956
  • Danish national
  • Member and Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2010
  • Chairman of the Remuneration and Nomination Committees
  • Member of the Audit Committee
  • Independent board member

Present managerial positions:

Ole Andersen is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Danske Bank A/S and Bang & Olufsen A/S and one group company. Further, Mr. Andersen is a board member (unpaid) of DenmarkBridge, Human Practice Foundation (charity), the Nomination Committee of Nasdaq Nordic Ltd and the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance. Additionally, he is adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School.

Board competencies:

Professional experience in managing and developing large international companies. Extensive board experience, including from private equity owned and listed companies. Financial and accounting expertise.


Mr. Andersen holds a B.Com. and an M.Sc. in Business Economics and Auditing.

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