Plant-based colors made easy!

Would you like to know...

  • how to make your non-dairy yogurts and meat analogs look tasty?
  • how the production process impacts color?

  • which raw materials are most often used for natural colors?

  • why physico-chemical parameters of the final products must be considered?


3 reasons to use plant-based colors in your plant-based products

1. Health choices

Health is the main motivator to choose plant-based products. Artificial colors detract from your brand’s “health halo”.

2. Consumer demand

79% expect plant-based food and drink to be naturally colored. Consumers looking for plant-based alternatives are striving for cleaner and healthier lifestyles
(FMCG Gurus).

3. We eat with our eyes

Color is often the first characteristic that influences the purchasing decision and is especially important in plant-based products because color affects our taste experience even before we actually taste our food.