We tailor nature to your needs

Supporting your color journey and development process

Over the past 145 years, we have developed deep knowledge about raw materials and pigments. 

Our pet food product assortment has been thoroughly tested, so you be certain it is suitable for your production environment. 

In addition, we ensure full regulatory compliance of the color solution at all stages of production, from the raw material to the end formulation.


We work closely with you from the start of a project to guide your color journey. Throughout the development process, we share our rich expertise in the science of colors and applications to help you optimize your product formulation and ensure that the final color of the end-product is stable and resilient.

And we share our deep industry insights and innovative approaches with you to help you navigate challenges.

And if there is an urgent need for quick solutions, we are always on hand to rapidly fine-tune color to specific needs and address any issues that may arise.