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Winnie Bügel

Executive Vice President, Compliance & Corporate Affairs

Born: September 1965
Education: M.A. Law from the University of Copenhagen - B.Com, International Trade, Copenhagen Business School

Winnie Bügel joined Chr. Hansen in 2000 and started her career as Manager of the Legal & Regulatory Affairs department and has later built Chr. Hansen’s department for Intellectual Property Rights. In 2005 Ms. Bügel was appointed General Counsel and Corporate Vice President for Compliance. 

In June 2016 Ms. Bügel assumed the responsibility for Corporate Affairs in addition to the role of Corporate Vice President for Compliance. In December 2022, Ms. Bügel was granted the title of Executive Vice President, Compliance & Corporate Affairs. In addition, Ms. Bügel serves as CEO of Chr. Hansen A/S (Denmark) and Chair of the Works Council. Prior to joining Chr. Hansen, Ms. Bügel was employed at Carl Bro Group (now Sweco Danmark), a consulting engineering company where she served both as Corporate Secretary & Executive Assistant, as well as Marketing Manager. 

Ms. Bügel serves as a Board member of GUDP – Green Development and Demonstration Program under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.


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