Ultra Stable Red™ for beverages

Ultra Stable Red™Ultra Stable Red™

Ultra Stable Red™ is the natural solution for your beverages

Ultra Stable Red™ is the natural solution for your beveragesUltra Stable Red™ is the natural solution for your beverages

“We are very proud to be launching a landmark innovation for red beverages: a range of beautifully bright and intense, vegetable-based colors with outstanding stability, ideal for coloring a wide range of beverage applications including carbonated soft drinks, juice-based drinks, sports and energy drinks, and vitamin waters.” says Ellen Hemme, Industry Product Manager, Natural Colors Division.

At least 30% more stable than standard anthocyanins

The stability of the Ultra Stable Red™ solutions in beverages is 30-40% better than existing anthocyanin colors. This means significant extension of the shelf life of the beverage product and cost savings in the entire beverage life cycle due to less scrapping of faded beverages and no expenses for bottles with UV filter.

The perfect match to Allura Red / Red 40

The new Ultra Stable Red™ solutions are attractive for beverage producers who are currently using ‘Allura Red’ or ‘Red 40’—one of the ‘Southampton Six’ artificial colors—and who wish to convert to a natural color stable enough for their requirements.

Contact us for a sample and experience the difference

No longer should beverage producers accept fading, murky colors in their drinks. If you are interested, and if you want to experience the most stable natural red colors for beverages on the market yourself, please contact us - we will send you a sample.