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Chr. Hansen Swine Program for sows and piglets

High reproductive performance of sows, combined with the highest possible number of weaned piglets per litter is essential for an economically profitable sow unit. Our probiotics for sows and suckling piglets are proven to be efficient and reliable tools to achieve this goal.

  • Improves sow productivity
    • Decreases sow weight loss during lactation (7–9%)1
    • Reduces number of open days (5–7%)1
  • Improves gestation feed efficiency
  • Delivers 1 more pig per sow/year1

Note 1: Results may vary according to animal application and local farm conditions.

Improved sow productivity OpenClose

A low number of non-productive days is the main characteristic of a high-performing sow. To achieve this goal, it’s important that sows have an early, clear heat after piglets are weaned and a successful first service. Low weight loss during lactation and an optimum body score at end of lactation are the key objectives.

Decreased sow weight loss during lactation OpenClose

Sows fed Chr. Hansen probiotics lose 9% less weight on average over a 4-week lactation period:

Diagramme for weight loss of sows

Reduced number of open days OpenClose

The number of non-productive (“open”) days per cycle can be reduced by 7% on average when sows are fed our probiotics during lactation.


Increased number of pigs weaned OpenClose

The profitability of sow units is highly dependent on both the reproductive performance of sows and the vitality of their piglets. The application of our probiotics to sow-lactation diets has been shown to enhance piglet vigor and growth rates, thereby reducing losses in the farrowing unit.

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