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Our GALLIPRO® range

Our poultry portfolio consists of the GALLIPRO® products. We are able to offer specific strains to solve the individual problems and challenges faced by poultry producers globally.

Our strains are 100% natural and contain unique, carefully selected spore-forming Bacillus bacteria; Bacillus subtilis, which has a high growth rate under intestinal conditions and high enzyme excretion, and Bacillus licheniformis, which stabilize the gut flora under intestinal challenge.

Spores are highly resistant, resting stages of the bacteria and offer a number of unique advantages as a probiotic:

  • Long storage times at ambient temperature
  • Resistant to high temperatures, e.g., during pelleting
  • Compatibility with treatments, e.g., antibiotics and coccidiostats
  • Compatibility with other feed additives, e.g., enzymes and organic acids

Increased feed digestibility OpenClose

GALLIPRO® Max has increased enzyme activity compared to other Bacillus subtilis. This means GALLIPRO® Max is able to improve feed digestibility to a higher extent than other probiotics. Chr. Hansen is able to measure the enzyme activity on feed using our patented methods.

The increase in digestibility of feed improves the availability of nutrients, and in fact, GALLIPRO® Max is so effective at improving energy release from feed that Chr. Hansen has secured a patent for this feature (Patent number WO2008087173 A1). Studies conducted by Chr. Hansen have shown improved FCR and bodyweight using GALLIPRO® Max, even in diets with reduced energy content, which translates into increased feed-cost savings per lb. body weight of 2.1% and more.

GalliPro increases bird performance (FCR) and profitability

This program of work also looked at using GALLIPRO® Max in protein-reduced diets, where GALLIPRO® Max was able to improve bird performance in both standard diets and diets reduced in crude protein by 2.97%.

GalliPro improves bird performance on standard and low crude protein diets

Proven production boost OpenClose

The benefits of increased feed digestibility and gut surface area for absorption when using GALLIPRO® Max can be seen in bird performance. Numerous farm trials have been performed documenting the effect of GALLIPRO® Max on FCR and weight gain. The graph below summarizes the production effect in broilers seen in 26 trials conducted globally over the last 5 years:

GalliPro improves weight gain

Improved performance as a result of increased feed digestibility and absorption using Chr. Hansen products is not limited just to broilers. In 15 turkey trials using GALLIPRO® MS, a clear increase in bird performance has been demonstrated. The graph below summarizes the production effects seen in turkeys using GALLIPRO® MS:

GalliPro improves weight gain

The increased digestibility in feed using GALLIPRO® Max and the gut stabilizing properties of GALLIPRO® Tect can really benefit egg laying birds. Not only can we see an increase in weekly egg weight but egg production can improve by 2.6%. Combine this with an improved FCR, and using our probiotics in egg-laying birds really begins to make sense.

Improved nutrient absorption by increased gut surface area OpenClose

GALLIPRO® Max produces metabolic by-products, such as butyrate, that are used by intestinal cells as an energy source. This helps promote development of the intestinal villi. Increased villus height means an increase in the surface area of the gut available to absorb nutrients.

Increased villus height using GalliPro

Maximum flexibility. Zero diet change OpenClose

You can harvest the benefits of GALLIPRO® products without changing or adjusting your existing diets. They can be included in poultry diets with, for example, antibiotics, with excellent bird performance. GALLIPRO® products can also be combined with additives including enzymes and coccidiostats with zero negative impact on probiotic effectiveness.

Compatibility of GalliPro with coccidiostats

You get maximum flexibility in feed formulation. Simply add our product to the feed or premix and achieve all the benefits.

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