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Welcome to the Broiler Profitometer

Please answer a few questions to see your profits with GalliPro®

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Thank you for the input! Below you can see how GalliPro® will affect your production metrics:

All right, your total feed cost per broiler is {0} € in total per broiler.
The feed-conversion rate is {0} (FCR)
The average daily gain is: {0} (ADG in kg per day)
Now, let's see how GalliPro® will change your metrics. In several trials, GalliPro® has been proven to increase the average daily gain by 3% in broiler flocks.
In your case, each broiler will now achieve: {0} ADG in kg per day with GalliPro®
Also, numerous trials have shown that the feed conversion rate will improve by 3% when you use GalliPro®.
In your case, you will achieve {0} FCR with GalliPro® and an average daily feed intake (ADFI) of {0} kg per broiler
The GalliPro® improvement will decrease the number of days to achieve the processing weight you indicated earlier.
You are now down to: {0} days in the grow-out period. So, with a shorter grow-out period you are using less feed.
You have shortened the grow-out period by: {0} days
In your case, it amounts to {0} kg per broiler in the grow-out period.
Based on the feed price you indicated earlier, you' re saving {0} € per broiler in the grow-out period.
The cost of GalliPro® per treated tonne is around 2.5 € (For local prices please contact us). Your investment amounts to {0} € per broiler in the grow-out period.
This gives you a return on investment of {0}:1
This gives you a saving of {0}

As you can see, GalliPro® pays off extremely well and is very easy to use, too. Using GalliPro® has also several other benefits that we'd like tell you about.

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Thanks for using our Broiler Profitometer!

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