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Know the digestion score. Know the silage score.

We have a program. It’s free. And you can profit from it.

The difference between a dairy operation and a smarter dairy farm operation is often the ability to collect and analyze data – and act on insights.

Chr. Hansen has the tools to help you get the most out of data analysis so you can improve corn-starch utilization and fiber digestion, minimize forage loss and increase bottom-line profitability. We call it THE NUTRIENT SCORECARD™®.

The program gives farmers a scientific, scorecard summary of the status of their silage and the herd’s digestive performance, along with recommendations for improving milk production and herd health.

With THE NUTRIENT SCORECARD™® you will know your score.

New: Feed efficiency calculator

Get a robust indication of the business value of adding PROBIOS® Precise to your feed. We are certain you will be impressed. 


Know your score. Apply today. Click on the graphic.

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Minimize forage loss, keep the heat out at feed out, and optimize nutrient intake.

The more you know about the quality of your silage, the better you can manage it. Our NUTRIENT SCORECARD™® experts will measure every parameter that impacts silage management. The goal is to minimize forage loss while maximizing nutrient intake and feed efficiency. So you can seriously improve dairy-cow performance.

This bunker is well-managed and remains cool and healthy.

This bunker is overheating, putting it at risk for spoilage organisms like yeast and mold, which degrade nutritional value.

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Feed for greater accuracy, boost digestion, increase milk production.

Scientific studies show that improved starch and fiber digestibility can make a big difference in milk yields. Fecal starch content, for example, correlates with total-tract starch digestibility. Too much starch and fiber in the manure indicates the cow isn’t getting all the nutritional value it can from forage.

Undigested fiber and starch equals loss of milk and profits. In this case, a high presence of whole corn kernels.

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