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PROBIOS® Precise

Precision rumen management. For superior yields.

A superior probiotic feed additive: shown in research trials to manage rumen acid levels, improve digestibility and increase yields.

Three strains of enterococcus faecium. Three great results.

PROBIOS® Precise is uniquely formulated with three superior strains of probiotics for the management of rumen lactic-acid levels in dairy cows. By controlling the rumen environment, cows not only increase dry matter intake by as much as 5-6 lb/head/per day, they demonstrate:

  1. Improved digestibility
  2. Improved metabolic profile and fewer retained placentas and Das
  3. Higher protein and fat content yields

Boost milk and milk component yields OpenClose

By maintaining a balance of so-called “good microbes” and pH levels the rumen, PROBIOS® Precise offers a natural and safe way to boost fiber digestibility, as well as milk, protein and fat component yields. Let´s get to the gut of the matter. Higher yields mean better returns.

Concentrated. For ease of use OpenClose

PROBIOS® Precise is highly concentrated for easy use.

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