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Chr. Hansen Animal Health & Nutrition

Christian Ditlev Ammentorp Hansen, a Danish pharmacist, founded Chr. Hansen A/S. He revolutionized the production of wholesome dairy products in the 1870s. In 1872 Christian Hansen was awarded the gold medal for a chemical treatise. His research was aimed at developing a procedure to extract pure and standardized rennet enzyme from calves’ stomachs, which was used to make cheese.

This new method revolutionized the production of wholesome dairy products. Christian D.A. Hansen’s findings led him to establish his first rennet factory in 1874, soon moving to a larger one where he also started to produce natural colors for butter and cheese.

Rooted in science, grounded in agriculture. Since 1874

Chr. Hansen develops feed solutions to meet the nutritional demands of livestock while providing healthy economic returns to producers.

It all started in a rural Danish farming community in 1874. Today, thanks to our team of scientific specialists, Chr. Hansen has the largest collection of microbial strains for probiotics and silage inoculants in the world. So we can help you boost profitability, while meeting all regulatory requirements for safety, stability and efficacy.

Unique probiotic strains

At Chr. Hansen, research and development is the foundation of all our products. We believe that a microorganism is only as good as the science backing it. In other words, probiotic strains supported by scientific studies must have proven efficacy and proven safety. Only then can the end-user feel confident that they get exactly what they are paying for: A probiotic that works.

The unique strains used in Chr Hansen's probiotics are specially selected for their superior features. We use different species of Bacillus which are highly effective as probiotics for animals. The bacillus is a spore former (a metabolically dormant stage) and therefore highly resistant to environmental stressors. This natural property is highly advantageous from a commercial perspective, as Bacillus-based products have a long shelf life, keep their viability during distribution and storage and can survive pelletization. Upon ingestion, the spores germinate into their metabolic active stage.

All our probiotics are produced to the highest technical and quality standards in state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities. Our strain production is FAMI-QS and ISO certified. Each batch is analyzed for its content of active ingredient and impurities. All our products are proven safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Sustainable production

With global food demand expected to double by 2050, the agricultural sector is faced with the challenge of increasing productivity and rising output levels while responding to accelerating environmental requirements and concerns from both authorities and consumers.

Chr. Hansen is committed to natural products and sustainable practices. Our products improve feed conversion ratios and feed utilization in production animals while increasing milk output per cow in dairy operations—all without detrimental effect on the environment or on long-term product quality and consumer safety. We are actively exploring and participating in the quest to identify solutions that help farmers optimize output per farmland acre and minimize environmental byproducts such as odor, methane and ammonia.

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