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The majority of our product innovation derives from our strong bioscience technology platforms based on in-depth scientific knowledge and competencies. 

One of the world’s largest bacteria collections

We are the owner of one of the world’s largest commercial collections of bacteria, numbering more than 20,000 strains. Bacterial cultures from this collection are screened, selected and improved to meet specific requirements in food, dietary supplement or feed products.

Multiple product areas

Business areas

Numbers from financial year 15/16. 

Food Cultures & Enzymes OpenClose

We develop and produce cultures, enzymes and probiotics for the dairy industry in particula and for the food industry in general, e.g., for wine and meat. Our ingredients determine taste, appearance, nutritional value and health benefits.

We are the global market leader in dairy ingredients. Actually, every second cheese in the world contains our enzymes or cultures.

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Health & Nutrition OpenClose

We develop and produce products for dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, infant formula and animal feed. Our key offering is probiotic cultures with documented effect for:

  • animals
  • humans
  • plants

We believe in strong research and documentation through our clinical-trial program.

Natural Colors OpenClose

We develop and produce natural colors for the food industry with a focus on:

  • Beverages
  • Confectionery
  • Dairy and fruit preparations
  • Dietary supplements
  • Ice cream
  • Prepared foods

Our colors originate from natural sources like berries, roots and seeds, and we are global frontrunners in encapsulation and stabilization techniques.

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