Strain deposit number: DSM15954

The BB-12® probiotic strain is tested in numerous clinical trials from newborn preterm infants to elderly in doses up to 100 billion CFU/day with no reported side effects.

The strain is furthermore GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) notified by FDA and approved by the Danish Medicines Agency as a Natural Health Product.

The Benefits of the BB-12® probiotic strain

Human studies indicate that the strain named BB-12® alone or in combinations may have a beneficial effect within gastrointestinal and immune function:

  • May relieve intestinal irregularity*
  • May improve faecal properties and microbiota**
  • May have positive effects against acute unsettled stomach***
  • May reduce the risk of traveler’s unsettled stomach****
  • May restore the intestinal microbiota after antibioic treatment*****

Studies, furthermore, indicate that the strain (BB-12®) may have an impact on colic and may reduce the risk of rotavirus diarrhea in infants******. Studies are also published on its potential immune modulating effect.

Clinical Documentation

You will find abstracts of all the studies, supporting the effects of the BB-12® probiotic strain in our Selected Summaries. 


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BB-12® Selected Summaries
BB-12® Selected SummariesThis binder provides you with summaries of selected publications on Bifidobacterium BB-12®
BB-12® - Handout
BB-12® - HandoutChr. Hansen offers multiple application forms of one of our most clinically documented Probio-Tec®...

* Pitkälä et al. 2007
** Shioya et al. 2000
*** Chouraqui et al. 2004
**** Black et al. 1989
***** Sheu et al. 2002
****** Saavedra et al. 2004 and Saavedra et al. 1994